Musical muse and fine art photographer Pattie Boyd has unveiled a new photographic exhibit featuring rare photos of her famous first and second husbands, George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

The exhibit, housed at the San Francisco Art Exchange, also showcases the original art piece that inspired the album cover for Clapton's album Layla and photographs of other legendary musicians. Boyd was famously married to Harrison but carried on a love affair with Clapton before she left the Beatle for him.

"All photographs are taken with film. Film, not digital. And they just happen to be photographs I took when I was with George and with Eric and a lot of the time I met so many of their friends, our friends, who were also musicians and if I saw something that I really liked then I couldn't resist taking a photograph," said Boyd.

Boyd was married to Harrison from 1966-1977 and inspired him to write Something as well as I Need You. Clapton declared his love for Boyd while she and Harrison were still married and, inspired by his feelings for her, wrote Layla.

Boyd and Clapton married in 1979 but divorced in 1989.

"I'm really lucky, I'm seriously lucky to have had so many beautiful songs written for me. I really am, I really appreciate it. And I still get a little tingle when I hear them," she said.

The photographs will remain on exhibit until 31 March.

For more information, visit the San Francisco Art Exchange website.