In his latest rant, President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has once again lashed out at Western critics of his deadly war on drugs. This time, he has dared the United States to use the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to "oust" him.

Duterte made the comments while making a speech to mark his first 100 days in office, during which he insisted that foreign forces would not intimidate him into ending his campaign against illicit drugs. Last month, the Philippines' President accused the CIA of plotting to kill him, however, he did not elaborate on this.

Duterte said on 7 October: "You want to oust me? You want to use the CIA? Go ahead. I'll be ousted? Fine. It's part of my destiny. If I die, it's part of my destiny. Presidents get assassinated."

His remarks came two days after he warned the US and the EU that the Philippines would "not beg" them for aid. He challenged them to withdraw their assistance if they were unhappy with his war on drugs, adding that he would be the first to go hungry and the first to die if aid is halted.

Earlier this week, Duterte also unleashed his second personal attack on President Barack Obama, telling him to "go to hell". He also lashed out at the EU during the same speech, telling them to "choose Purgatory".

Duterte has refused to backtrack on his campaign against illegal drugs. According to local police, at least 2,000 people have died in drug-related killings since Duterte won the presidential election in May.

Washington has continued to express concerns about the recent surge in drug-related extrajudicial killings. Upset by their criticism, Duterte announced earlier this year that he wanted to reduce the presence of US troops in the Philippines.

Duterte has been nicknamed The Punisher due to his tough stance against crime. He threatened to kill 100,000 criminals and "throw their bodies into Manila Bay". During his presidential campaign, he vowed to give security forces the right to shoot to kill and bring back capital punishment.