Niantic Inc. took to the stage at today's (7 September) Apple media event to announcement that smash hit mobile game Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch... sort of. The game will work as an extension of the main game on the watch's accompanying iPhone.

Users will be able to hatch eggs, raid PokéStops and track nearby Pokémon, but will need their iPhone to actually catch them. It essentially works in exactly the same way as the Pokémon Go Plus wrist-mounted peripheral.

Unlike the peripheral however, this companion app will utilise a screen to show hatched Pokémon and more information than the Go Plus.

The Go Plus was originally meant to be released on 31 July, but was delayed until an unspecified date this month.

Released in July on iOS and Android as a free-to-play game, Pokémon Go was the major gaming phenomenon of the summer, played by millions around the globe and raking in millions of dollars through microtransactions.

Utilising augmented reality (AR), Pokémon Go tasks players with hunting down, catching and powering-up Pokémon that litter real world locations, before using them to fight for controls of Gyms located at local landmarks.

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