Pokémon Go has received its first major update since its launch in early July on both iOS and Android. The Android v0.31.0 and iOS 1.1.0 updates released on 31 July have had some ill side-effects however, with many players seemingly having their progress reset.

Hundreds of furious players took to social media to voice their anger and dismay after the update reset wiped out weeks of caught Pokémon, items collected and in-game items purchased.

Some of the furious tweets are embedded at the foot of this article.

Some have called for their in-app purchases to be refunded, while others have desperately reached out to developer Niantic Labs, particularly iOS users, in the hope of a solution to fix the error.

However, if downloading the latest update has dragged you back to the start as well, fret not.

Niantic was quick to assure fans that they are aware of the issue and that their gameplay progress so far has not actually been erased. In a statement posted to Facebook the team at Niantic explained and offered help.

Trainers, we are aware that some iOS users might be experiencing an account login issue where it appears that gameplay...

Posted by Pokémon GO on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here is how to fix the account reset glitch in a few minutes:

  • Log out of the Pokémon Go app. You may need to do this twice to make sure you have properly signed out of the game. You can also try deleting the app altogether and re-download it to make sure you have completely logged out of the game.
  • Open the Pokémon Go app and login through Google.
  • Selecting the Google login method should lead you to a Safari web browser where you can complete the login process and soon get back to hunting for your digital monsters.
  • Review and select the email address noted in the page's top right corner. Make sure you select the same email address originally used to create your Pokémon Go account.
  • If the email address listed is not the same email address that you used to set up your account, sign out of Google again and log back in with the correct address.
  • Hit the "Allow" button and you should find your Pokémon safe and sound and be able to resume your Pokémon Go adventures.