Pretty Little Liars season 6 will return with the rest of the episode in January and a recent poster released by show creator Marlene King hints at a major feud between Alison Dilaurentis and Aria Montgomery. After the big A revelation in the mid-season finale, the popular ABC Family thriller has gone on a hiatus and will flash forward by five year on return.

The poster reveals many clues about what will happen between the friends who are reunited after five years and how they will take their relationship forward after another big bad villain enters Rosewood. In the image, the liars are standing near a car where Aria is giving a death look to Alison.

#FiveYearsForward Still playing in the dirt. #PrettyLittleLiars

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Fans can also see dirt coming out of the front door of the car which implies they still have much more secrets in their closet which will bring huge troubles in the upcoming episodes. King has already told that the liars will bring their fair share of secrets when they will return to Rosewood, the city where they went through immense physical and psychological trauma due to A aka Charlotte aka CeCe Drake.

Emily and Hanna appear too close in the picture hinting at a special relationship between the friends while Spencer is shown alone near the dirt. She was considered as the most intelligent character of the show and the picture also proves that she will be dealing with the dirt of secrets of her friends and will try to solve them.

In another of her Instagram picture, King has hinted at Toby and Spencer's growing closeness. In the picture it appears that the couple are trying to solve some mystery related to the new villain who is eager to kill in order to fulfill his goal. His/her terror will unleash after he sends a message to the girls which reads: "You know what you did and I am going to make you talk."

#Spoby season 6B #prettylittleliars. Onward. We continue. Drama ensues. Stay tuned to see if love prevails. #5yearsforward

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It will be interesting to see who is the new killer and what is his/her motive behind terrorising the girls who have returned to their city after five long years in order to save Charlotte by testifying for her before the judge.

Pretty Little Liars season 6 will premiere on 12 January 2016 with the rest of the episodes on ABC Family which will change its name to Freeform in the same month.