Prince Harry clearly has a way with the ladies as he politely turned down a request to kiss, when a group of women crooned to him their version of the Andy Williams song Can't Take My Eyes Off You. The 31-year-old Prince was on royal duties, supporting projects, and promoting sports, when he was treated to the song and kiss request at the gates of a youth sports charity.

"Can I give you a kiss, sir?" an enthusiastic woman asked the younger brother of Prince William as he headed to Wigan, England to promote sports among young people. Instead, the charming prince treated his fan to a royal handshake.

He then proceeded to greet and shake hands with a group of mothers waiting patiently for the young royal – some with babies in their arms.

"Can somebody have a kiss, please Harry?" a mother asked the question for her little daughter. Ever the gentleman, Harry sweetly refused referring to the baby, "you don't want a kiss from me. I don't think you do because then you'll cry."

Harry's visit on Tuesday to the Cast North West's indoor angling centre was filled with various activities.

The red-haired prince was seen enthusiastically trying his hands at fishing with a net – he even managed one silvery catch. Later he joined aficionados to plant some new trees, "We're good at planting trees," he said.

According to a People's report, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II also visited The Three Sister's Racing Circuit, where he met children with disabilities and special educational needs. Harry has been committed to the need of these children and has been involved in several projects in the past to encourage and inspire them.

Harry made one last stop at the country's largest youth club Wigan Youth Zone. According to reports, the club provides a "safe, affordable and engaging venue" for over 5,000 youth.