A prominent children's doctor has been filmed allegedly snorting cocaine and taking an illegal 'date rape' drug, shortly before serving duty at the Leeds General Infirmary.

In the video footage, 51-year-old Dr. Colin Ferrie, a consultant paediatric neurologist, is seen measuring cocaine and remarking, "looking good," before snorting a long line from a kitchen worktop.

The doctor is next seen measuring out a teaspoonful of the drug and mixing it with blackcurrant squash for a companion who is filming the footage.

"You've got to be careful – really careful – that you don't take too much of this stuff. I love to have a wee spot of this stuff," Dr. Ferrie is heard telling his companion.

The doctor is then seen taking several doses of the party drug Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB).

GHB is known for its sedative effects since it slows down the body's central nervous system.

Dr. Ferrie is also heard in an audio conversation discussing 'Tina', which is the street name for crystal meth drug.

"Have you ever done Tina? I would love to do Tina with you one time. It is methamphetamine. Two days later, you still feel it," Dr. Ferrie is heard telling his companion.

An hour after he was seen consuming the drugs, Dr. Ferrie was confirmed to be on call at the NHS hospital, the Leeds General Infirmary, where he is employed, reported The Telegraph.

The hospital, where Dr. Ferrie has been employed for the last 18 years, has suspended him from all clinical work and ordered an urgent investigation.

A Leeds Teaching Hospitals, NHS Trust spokesman said: "We take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously and will be carrying out a thorough investigation.

"Patient safety is our main priority and we expect all members of staff to behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all times.

"It is policy when investigating allegations of this nature that staff involved do not carry out clinical duties during the investigation."

Dr. Ferrie is considered an expert on childhood epilepsy and has held several national and international posts.