Film of more passengers being abused on public transport by a foul-mouthed racist has gone live on YouTube.

This time the abuse was on the Central line on London Underground.

The abuser, a 42-year-old from Romford in Essex, was filmed screaming at and threatening other passengers on the train.

Her tirade mirrored that of the woman at the centre of the YouTube video My Tram Experience, Emma West.

The video was filmed between St Paul's and Mile End stations and the expletive-filled video runs for nearly seven minutes.

The woman was later arrested in Essex, according to British Transport Police.

On the film, the woman screamed: "I shall punch you in the f*****g face. Ninety per cent of you are f*****g illegal. I wouldn't mind if you loved our country."

Things take a turn for the worse after a passenger sitting next to her begins to sing in his own language to drown out her ranting.

It ends when the anonymous cameraman films the abuser confronting random people on the train and screaming about taxes in people's faces.

The woman has now been named and will appear in court.