Ubisoft is finally bringing the popular multiplayer online shooter "Rainbox Six Siege" to mobile gamers. Ubisoft even announced that there will be a closed beta starting September 12 for the appropriately named "Rainbow Six Siege Mobile."

Unfortunately, not every mobile gamer would be able to participate in the closed beta as there appear to be some regional restrictions as to who can apply to participate in the event. "Android users in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Singapore, and India are eligible to sign up for a chance to join the beta on Google Play," Ubisoft said in a blog post.

In addition, it appears that there is no guarantee that one will be able to participate in the "Rainbow Six Siege Mobile" beta as one needs to be selected first. "If selected, they'll be able to try out Rainbow Six Mobile's new progression and Operator unlock systems, complete with a free battle pass and daily challenges, as well as a new map, Clubhouse," Ubisoft added.

Those who are selected, however, will be able to participate in the mobile version's beta, which will follow the Rainbow Six's classic Attack vs Defence game modes. This means that players will have to work together as a squad and play as either Attacker or Defenders in 5x5 matches, according to Videogamer.com.

The "Rainbow Six Siege Mobile" closed beta will feature 16 Operators. They include Ash, Sledge, Hibana, Twitch, Thermite, Ying, Glaz, Thatcher, and more. The beta will also feature content from previous test phases, such as the Bomb, Secure Arena game modes, and the Bank and Border maps.

Aside from the content found in previous test phases, the new testing will also offer new content and features. For instance, the Operator will be able to unlock and access progressions systems, which also come with a free battle pass and daily challenges. The menu has been streamlined, and there will be a new map called Clubhouse.

Gamer Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels