The news of Rihanna getting back to her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, has come as a shock to her fans as the pair had split in 2009 due to Brown's savage attacks on the singer.

The news spread like wild fire when Rihanna invited Chris Brown for her birthday bash at Beverly Hills. The duo were seen having fun and it seemed that Rihanna had forgiven her former boyfriend. Brown, in 2009, had cruelly punched and bitten Rihanna even when she was pleading for mercy. Chris is known for his bad temper and he had broken a window and stormed off the stage on the sets of Good Morning America.

It is also speculated that Chris would do a small role in Rihanna's Brithday Cake, her new album, that is set to release on February 20, her birthday. The singer turns 24 this Monday.

"We got the Rihanna Birthday Cake coming out in a week. And the feature on that is gonna shock the world," the track's producers, Da Internz, were quoted as saying by S2S Magazine.