Robin Williams assured his image will not be used in any film or advertisement for at least 25 years after his death, according to reports.

The family of the late actor, who died in August 2014, aged 63, is currently going through the courts to battle for the rights for Williams's estate such as jewellery and memorabilia which he kept in one of his California homes.

Among the papers filed in the San Francisco court include a detailed description of how Williams wished his image to be used following his death.

The review, filed by the Robin Williams Trust, revealed the actor signed over his name, signature, photograph and likeness to the Windfall Foundation, a charitable organisation set up by his legal representatives, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter.

This outcome means Williams will not be featuring in any advert or digitally inserted into any film until at least 11 August 2039. Deceased celebrities have been seen to feature in adverts long after their death, with recent examples including Audrey Hepburn in the Galaxy chocolate ad and Marilyn Monroe making several posthumous appearances for Chanel.

It is believes the ruling is an updated form of a privacy contract which was drawn up after Williams and his lawyers became aware of emerging technologies. The move would also rule out Williams making a post-death stand up performance in hologram form using technology which brought rapper Tupac Shakur 'back to life' at Coachella festival.

The provision could be seen as a landmark model for how celebrities control use of their image after their death.

Laura Zwicker, an attorney at Greenberg Glusker, told the Hollywood Reporter: "I haven't seen that before. I've seen restrictions on the types of uses — no Coke commercials for example — but not like this. It could be a privacy issue."

The legal battle between Williams's widow Susan Schneider and his three children from previous marriages Zachary, Zelda and Cody, for his estate appears to have reached a peaceful agreement after both sides agreed to arrange a pick-up of various items at his home.