Married for 21 years today!

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While David and Samantha Cameron are away on holiday celebrating their wedding anniversary, the former PM's wife might be accused of 'over sharing' .

The couple who are celebrating 21 years of marriage, have taken a holiday to Andalusia in the south of Spain.

On Thursday morning (1 June) Samantha decided to share a rather intimate photograph on her Instagram account of herself relaxing in bed with her husband.

"Married for 21 years today!" she wrote in the caption.

The 'hot dog' legs post shows Sam's perfectly manicured toe nails and her husbands legs as they lay on the bed in a country cottage.

The image prompted a flood of messages of congratulations while one follower asked: "Did David get a pedicure too?

Snap-happy Sam has shared several photos from their holiday location including a photo from the courtyard at the Al Cuz Cuz Andalusia.