Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Samsung Galaxy Alpha production could end as soon as February IBTimes UK

Samsung's foray into the premium smartphone market may have been short-lived, as production of the Galaxy Alpha is set to end once the current run has been manufactured.

Announced in September, the Galaxy Alpha ushered in a new design ethos for Samsung, which for the first time ditched cheap-feeling glossy plastics in favour of an aluminium bezel with polished, chamfered edges.

But an average screen, mediocre storage, and lacklustre battery were at odds with its high price, and now South Korean reports claim Samsung will cease production once current component materials have been used up.

ETNews claims the move is Samsung "grabbing the bull by the horns" and focusing on producing desirable mid-range handsets instead.

It is thought Samsung will expand availability of the new Galaxy A5, a mid-to-low-priced handset with a design similar to that of the Alpha, but priced well below the likes of the iPhone 6. It is likely that the A5 will arrive in Samsung's native South Korea by mid-January and will be priced at around £230, well below the £400 Alpha.

Speaking to ETNews, an unnamed industry insider said: "I understand that the Galaxy Alpha will be produced until the materials currently in inventory are used up. Its production will end by early February next year."

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S6 in February or March, to coincide with the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, and although this handset was originally thought to share its design with the Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, little is known about it for now.