Samsung Galaxy S23 series launch
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users have reported a new S Pen issue. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung unveiled three new smartphones under its Galaxy S23 series at its Unpacked 2023 event on February 1. The lineup comprises the standard Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and the highest-end Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. As expected, the Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts impressive features but carries a steep price tag.

The Korean brand gave Galaxy S23 series buyers many unmissable bank offers to boost the sales of its latest flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, available for purchase in three RAM and storage configurations, is considered the best Android smartphone available on the market.

Regrettably, the feature-laden smartphone hasn't lived up to the hype lately. Some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners previously reported a Wi-Fi issue, which isn't likely to be fixed soon. The Korean smartphone just fixed a slow camera speed issue for some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners. However, some Galaxy S23 Ultra users have reported a new frustrating issue.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra S-Pen issue

Some Galaxy S23 Ultra users claim a new issue has popped up, which involves the device repeatedly getting disconnected from the S Pen. GizmoChina reported the device's integrated stylus started getting disconnected from the Galaxy S23 Ultra after the latest OneUI 5.1 software update.

The aforesaid update had a bug that caused the S Pen to disconnect from the phone. Some Galaxy S23 Ultra users shared the S-Pen issue on Reddit and Samsung Community Forums. One user on the company's forums (via XDA Developers) said he had to reconnect the S Pen by going to their device's settings when they tried to use the stylus after not using it for several hours.

Likewise, another user on the forum claimed their S Pen no longer supported Air Actions. Much to their chagrin, they could not fix the issue by clearing the cache, resetting their phone, and booting in safe mode.

Some possible fixes

A few users have recommended some possible fixes. One user suggested those facing the issue can head to their Settings, go to Advanced Features, S Pen options, and click the three-dot menu.

Here, users can reset the S Pen and fix any issues the product may face. Another user on the community forums suggests enabling the "Keep S Pen Connected" option. This option is available in the device's Settings. To enable it, you can head to the Advanced Features, S Pen, and go to the More S Pen Settings option. The user claims the feature is not enabled by default.

Samsung is still mum on the S Pen issue and hasn't acknowledged it as of this writing. Nevertheless, the company will likely take care of the problem with an upcoming update soon. This is quite frustrating, especially for those who always use the S-Pen. It will be interesting to see whether a future update from Samsung will resolve the problem.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra's S Pen offers many useful tools that come in handy for taking notes. Alternatively, you can pull out the S Pen when the phone's screen is off and write on the blank canvas. You can then save the quick note and return the S Pen to the slot. Smart Select is another neat tool you get with the S Pen. It allows you to edit a screenshot.

To recall, the company recently clarified that a dampened area on the Galaxy S23 Ultra's screen wasn't a manufacturing defect. The tech firm said the screen blip was merely a factor in the assembly process.