Samsung Galaxy S23 series BIS
Wikimedia Commons

Samsung has a reputation for launching many flagship and entry-level smartphones every year. While these models are teeming with awe-inspiring features, they all have a common problem. This issue is due to the stock camera application's sluggishness.

Some Galaxy S23 Ultra users recently reported a camera stabilisation bug. Much to the relief of those who face the issue, Samsung has finally acknowledged that its phone's camera is slower than designed. While the Korean brand has fixed the issue, some Samsung smartphone users are still waiting for the fix.

Taking to its official forum, Samsung just announced that the Camera Assistant app is slated to get more features. Now, the company has admitted that sometimes the Galaxy smartphones' stock camera app can be slow when capturing moments. So, Samsung has added a new Quick Shutter Tap feature to the Camera Assistant app.

This feature ensures your Galaxy phone captures photos when you touch the shutter button. Earlier, the photos were captured after the user released the shutter button. The new update saves some milliseconds as far as the capture time is concerned.

On the downside, this feature is limited to the Camera Assistant app, which doesn't work on mid-range or lower-end smartphones. A slew of high-end Galaxy smartphones is not compatible with it. In other words, many Galaxy users can't accelerate the capture times of their handsets.

According to GizmoChina, Samsung should consider bringing the feature to the stock camera app on all Galaxy devices rather than limiting the option's availability to the Camera Assistant app. Notably, Samsung should consider keeping the Quick Shutter Tap feature turned on by default so everyone can take full advantage.

Aside from this, the company can consider bringing the Camera Assistant app's Capture Speed feature to the stock camera's settings section. Galaxy smartphones sometimes are slow when taking an HDR shot and processing multi-frame noise reduction. As a result, the device produces blurred images when the subject is moving fast.

Samsung can fix the issue by detecting moving objects and automatically adjusting the shutter speed rather than focusing on image quality. If the company ends up bringing the Capture Speed and Quick Shutter Tap to the stock camera app, it will enhance the overall camera experience for all its Galaxy users.

This isn't the only problem Galaxy smartphone users have been facing lately. Last week, some Galaxy S23 users reported that their phones weren't syncing with the Android Auto app.