Rendered images of what the Samsung Galaxy S9 could look like are flooding the internet, and it looks like the S8's biggest problem could be fixed.

According to OnLeaks, which is usually pretty accurate on early renders, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will move the fingerprint scanner away from the camera lens.

A common complaint by Galaxy S8 users constantly smudging their camera, the scanner is now likely to be beneath the lens in a more natural position to reach.

Although Apple scrapped its fingerprint scanner for facial recognition biosecurity, many flagship phones have been hesitant to make the jump.

Google and OnePlus have both been praised for keeping the fingerprint scanner in the middle back of the phone.

Apart from that, Samsung does not seem to be making any major changes with the new Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9+ could be getting a big addition compared to its little brother, according to The plus variant is likely to have dual cameras on the back, presumably to take better portrait photos.

A small note, the bezels on the S9 and S9+ appear to be roughly 0.1mm thinner than on the S8 and S8+. It is unlikely this will have any impact. And last but not least, it looks as though Samsung will keep the headphone jack for at least another year.

Rumours were circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would debut at CES in January. However, it now seems more likely it will launch at the end of February.