Samsung patent
The Samsung patent design showing off a foldable diary-like smartphone Patently Mobile

In a patent filed by Samsung at the US Patent & Trademark Office the company has revealed an innovative design for a hingeless dual-display smartphone. Although a dual-display patent had been filed by the company in 2012 as well, this one does not aim to be a seamless display but more like a notebook display.

As shown in the patent diagram the two displays look more like a pocket notebook with a very visible seam separating the screens. There is ample space between the two screens to fit in an S-Pen that the company has previously used for its Note devices.

A more detailed diagram of the patent shows the functionalities for both the screens. The first screen is shown to be used as a cellular device comprising of Wi-Fi, NFC, radio frequency and GPS modules with a slot for a SIM-card. The second screen on the other hand is presented more as a medical/scientific sensor device with sensors for atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, biometric measurements and more.

In addition to this there also seems to be a built-in projector with a TV and camera module. The second unit can in fact also double up as a wireless charging pad.

It is not known as of now what the status of development for this product is as the patent was filed in November 2015 in the US but there is no indication if it has been approved for mass production or not. However, a foldable phone is rumoured to be launched by the company next year and is most likely to be called the Galaxy X.