Samsung's CES 2017 keynote in Las Vegas introduced the world to the 'next big thing in TV tech' - QLED televisions. The "quantum dot" display tech quickly became the talk of the show, but with every new piece of technology comes a high price tag for early adopters... but we didn't know it'd be this high.

The flagship product of Samsung's new range is its enormous 88in Q9 TV, and it is now available to pre-order in the US at Best Buy. The cost? A whopping $19,999 (£15,237).

Spec-wise the set is powered by "4K Color Drive Elite" technology, which Samsung claims provides more than a billion colours and 100% colour volume thanks to the nano-sized semiconductor dots.

In layman's terms the Q9 can essentially show off all colours at any brightness level unlike regular sets running on OLED or other TV tech.

It is of course an Ultra HD (4K) set running at 2160p resolution, with HDR technology enhancing the brightness in a natural fashion. It also has the usual gamut of features expected in a top-end telly, such as built-in Wi-Fi and native access to Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and other US streaming services.

Best Buy is also offering a 5-year warranty service for fixing parts or replacing the entire set if you have an issues. That costs a mere $2,099. The Q family comes in two other models as well, the Q8 and Q7. The entry-level Q7F TV is obviously much cheaper, but will still set you back $2,499.

To put the Q9's gargantuan price tag into some kind of context, here are some random tech products you could buy with that enormous sum:

  • 31 Apple iPhone 7 smartphones;
  • 39 Xbox One X consoles;
  • 155 pairs of Snapchat Spectacles;
  • 111 Amazon Echo smart speakers;
  • Over half of a Tesla Model 3;
  • 133 Fitbit Charge 2 wristbands;
  • 124 Apple AirPods in-ear headphones; and
  • 19,999 standard Fidget Spinners.

For a full breakdown of the fancy new TV tech on the block be sure to check out our summary here. We can't wait to see $19,999 become £19,999 when the set launches in the UK at a later date.