Sarah Ferguson is not leaving her ex-husband Prince Andrew's side as he faces rape allegations from a former associate of the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duchess of York said she will stay committed to the embattled royal even though it has been years since they divorced. She made this declaration during a visit to Poland for the opening of a cosmetic medicine centre owned by her friend Dr. Gabriela Mercik.

Speaking to the local press, the 61-year-old recalled the vow she made when she married the Duke of York in 1986. She said she would "always live up to the commitment."

"When you make that commitment, you decide to marry a prince and I fell in love with him. He was a sailor, he is still. He was a helicopter pilot and was also a prince," Ferguson told Polsat News.

"I kept my commitment, no matter what. People said 'you got divorced.' They don't know how I feel. Divorce is one thing, but my heart is my oath, my obligation," she explained.

Indeed, Ferguson has remained by her former husband's side all these years. They even still share the same house at the Royal Lodge in Windsor since they divorced in 1996. She was also there for the Duke of York when they made the 500-mile trip to the Scottish Highlands on Monday.

She was photographed on the back seat of a black Range Rover while Prince Andrew sat upfront. They left for Queen Elizabeth II's Balmoral estate after weeks of staying hidden inside the Royal Lodge. It was said that he refused to leave his home for fear of being served legal papers on accusations that he raped Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was still a minor.

Ferguson has been by the royal's side since accusations of his association with Epstein first came out in 2019. She had publicly shared her support and belief that Prince Andrew is innocent of the rape allegations as he is a "true and real gentleman." She had sympathised with his pain and called him a "wonderful man" and "the best man" she knows who has done so much for Britain.

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23 July 1986: Prince Andrew and his bride Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wave to crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace while Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother look on AFP]