Scorpion season 2
Water and Paige kiss in Scorpion season 2 trailer CBS

Walter and Paige will finally give in to their feelings when Scorpion returns with its second season on 21 September on CBS Network. A new trailer shows the two kissing as the rest of the team watches with shock at their sudden intimacy.

CBS has also released the official synopsis of the premiere episode titled, Satellite of Love, where the team tries to prevent a nuclear explosion. The description reads as follows:

The new Director of Homeland Security reunites the team when a nuclear powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit and must be diverted before it detonates over Southern California. Also, Paige and Walter must face their feelings for each other after hospital footage reveals Paige kissed him, on the second season premiere of SCORPION, Monday, Sept. 21 (9:00-9:59 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Alana De La Garza guest stars as the new head of Homeland Security and KISS frontman Gene Simmons makes a cameo appearance as himself.

The trailer opens with the whole team together as Toby and Sylvester fight over Super Fun Guy. Also Happy shoots Toby to test her new weapon, but the most talked about scene is when Paige comes running towards Water, all drenched.

The trailer features some dangerous stunts as Paige declares: "This job puts us in an intense situation where emotions run high." Walter then cuts her off and kisses her. The entire team witness the moment as Sylvester says: "I am very uncomfortable right now."

Executive producer Nicholas Wootton talks about the relationship between Water and Paige in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Their relationship's definitely going to progress, but it's going to be a stop-and-start kind of situation. What we're going to be seeing is how they have to balance this blossoming relationship with the team."

Actor Elyes Gabel (Walter) said: "It's obviously going to the stage where she's one of the most important people in the development of him as a human being. You may find out a little bit more about that in the first couple of episodes. I think that definitely has a long breadth."