British adult retailer Bondara has released SexFit, a device that straps onto the base of a man's penis so it can measure his performance in the bedroom.

According to the over-18s retailer, a man can slip the device on just like a cock ring.

And SexFit's unique selling proposition, say retailers, is that it has an accelerometer and Bluetooth module that can reportedly accurately track a man's 'ins and outs'.

This data can then be transferred to a companion smartphone app which will provide insight into a couple's intimate workout, including calories burnt and thrusts per minute.

And, say Bondara, SexFit allows users to share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones with peers via social media.

Apart from serving as a pedometer for the penis, the device also boasts a "revolutionary pacing mode that vibrates in time to a pre-set rhythm".

Bondara says: "Match the rhythm with your thrusts for the most effective stimulation. Notification lights on the top of the ring will also show what mode the SexFit is in, and illuminate in the centre when the rhythm is steady."

However, IBTimesUK isn't sure how users might react to strange lights blinking around their genitals. While some might find it erotic, others are surely bound to be put off by the idea.

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