Accuser of Jonathan Majors Arrested on Counter Complaint
Accuser of Jonathan Majors, his ex-partner Grace Jabbari, turned herself in at the Chelsea police station in New York for a counter complaint from the Hollywood star. Reuters / US ARMY

Ex-girlfriend of Hollywood star Jonathan Majors and choreographer Grace Jabbari turned herself in to the New York Police Department Wednesday night for a counter complaint filed against her.

Jabbari also had misdemeanour and assault counts made against her, along with criminal mischief. The police handed Jabbari a desk appearance ticket and he will have to appear in the Majors' trial.

Jabbari's legal representation Ross Kramer said during the arrest in the Chelsea police station: "It's sad that she had to go through this because she is the victim in this case and she's the survivor".

Kramer, who is also the director of Sanctuary for Families, said that "it's very retraumatizing to be put in the spotlight when you did nothing to put yourself in the spotlight". Sanctuary for Families is an advocacy program for incarcerated domestic violence survivors.

The former couple are currently engaged in a legal battle after Jabbari filed four counts of domestic violence and abuse against Majors. The Hollywood star was arrested last March 25 for the case in New York and will face a trial on November 29 after a judge from the court denied a motion to dismiss.

Majors faced the decision in a lower Manhattan courtroom through a Zoom meeting since he was not in the state.

More accusations for Majors and his defence

Earlier in the week, it was also revealed by prosecutors that Majors was also involved in an unreported incident in London.

According to the prosecutors, they are trying to get a hold of a police filing from the London Metropolitan Police that could prove relevant to the case. The 115-page filing's content still remains unclear, but it contains medical procedures and care that Jabbari received in London.

During the time of the police filing, Majors was in London filming Season 2 of Marvel's "Loki" to be streamed on the Disney+ platform. Jabbari is a citizen of the United Kingdom.

The discovery of the London incident from the couple comes after Jabbari formally filed a domestic violence complaint against the Creed III star which happened on March 2023 earlier this year.

Court documents report that the couple had an argument on a Chinatown street corner, where Majors allegedly twisted Jabbari's arm, broke her finger and slapped her ear, causing it to bleed.

The altercation began when Jabbari allegedly saw a text from Majors' phone that suggested the Emmy-award-winning actor may have had a different relationship that Jabbari did not know about.

Majors' counter complaint of the incident detailed that Jabbari did not sustain any injuries hours after the incident in the documents suggested, and that Jabbari injured herself deliberately during a fall under the influence of alcohol in her penthouse apartment.

The counter complaint adds that Jabbari initiated the violence, as the Kang the Conqueror actor claimed that his former partner scratched him and tore his coat. According to the files, their fight spilt to their hired car.

In a separate complaint made by Majors, he accused Jabbari of stealing a vintage Rolex, along with other luxury items amounting to $6,000 to $7,000. No charges were made for this incident.

Manhattan prosecutors stated that Jabbari's arrest will not lead to her prosecution, according to an email from Assistant District Attorney Erin Tierney sent on September, which is now included in the case files.

Hollywood dreams on hold

Since the allegations surfaced against the rising Hollywood star, projects that involved Majors were put temporarily on hold.

His PR team, Lede Company and his managers at Entertainment 360 dropped Majors from representation.

The US Army, which shot advertisements that featured Majors, decided to suspend its airing.

Meanwhile, Majors was deep in projects with Disney when the allegations surfaced. Disney has since postponed the production of "Avengers: The Kang Dynasty", which had Majors as the leading star.