Shocking CCTV footage shows a violent thug beating up a 52-year-old woman during a daylight robbery in south east London.

The video, released by police on Friday (11 August), shows a man wearing a crash helmet dragging the woman to the ground on a residential street as two men on mopeds loiter in the background.

As the woman is lying on the ground, the thief takes her £600 gold necklace and jumps on the back of one of the mopeds. The suspects are caught on camera racing away before onlookers can stop them.

The violent attack occurred outside a Hindu Temple on Clarendon Rise in Lewisham on 20 June. Police have released the video to appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Police said one of the suspects was wearing a white shirt and a dark blue jacket with grey trousers and black shoes. The other was dressed in a grey tracksuit with white stripes and wearing blue shoes. The third was wearing a grey hooded top, dark trousers and white trainers. All three suspects had black crash helmets on.

Detective Constable Alexander Hamilton, from Lewisham Criminal Investigation Department, said: "We are urgently seeking any information regarding this nasty crime, which has left the victim shaken from her ordeal."

"Please come forward if you know anything, witnessed anything, or you know who the men in the CCTV images are," he said.