Sister Wives season 6 live streaming: Kody Brown threatens to walk away from marriage?
Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. TLC

Sister Wives season 6 is yet to get a premier date but the problems in the polygamy family is far from over as the family's court battle with the State of Utah has been stretched a bit too long.

The family is fighting a case against the anti-polygamy law of the state and the Utah Attorney General's Office is asking more time to fight the legal case with the Brown family, Fox 13 news reported.

Kody brown and his four wives have fled the State of Utah and settled in Las Vegas to avoid arrest, after the state imposed anti-polygamy laws.

However, the Sister Wives family, which became popular after the success of the family reality show by TLC, has challenged the law and are still fighting the legal battle.

"This case is fairly novel, factually and legally complex, and relates to the constitutionality of Utah's bigamy statutes and the legal status of polygamous practices and marriages in Utah, particularly whether such practices and marriages may be criminalized in conformity with the Constitution, and more time is necessary to adequately address the novel issues presented," Utah Federal Solicitor Parker Douglas wrote in the motion seeking more time, according to Fox 13.

Meanwhile, Meri Brown, the eldest wife of the 46-year-old polygamist, is sharing inspirational quotes through her Twitter handle post her highly publicised divorce with her husband of 24 years.

After receiving major outburst from fans, the Brown family was forced to issue a statement citing family restructuring as the reason for the divorce.

During the finale of the popular reality show, Meri expressed her interest in divorcing Kody so that he can marry his youngest wife Robyn and legally adopt her children in order to avail insurance and other facilities for them.

Fans greatly appreciated Meri's sacrifice and many speculated that she will be ignored by the Brown patriarch, who later denied the accusations saying he is looking forward to celebrate his and Meri's 25th wedding anniversary.

TLC is yet to announce the premiere date for Sister Wives season 6.