Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is nearing its final ride and fans are impatiently waiting to learn about the fate of Gemma and Juice over Tara's killing.

In episode 8 The Separation of Crows, fans witnessed the mutilation of Bobby, the former vice-president of the gang, at the hands of Mark and his crew.

All the bloody killings are turning Charming into a ghost town with each passing episode, all because of Jax's revenge journey that began after the SAMCRO matriarch framed the Chinese Lin Triad gang for Tara's gruesome murder.

Many fans are expecting that after knowing the truth, Jax will kill Juice and Gemma to avenge his beloved wife's death.

As show creator Kurt Sutter tweeted the apparent finale ending scene of the SOA final ride, Jax will live happily ever after with his children.

But with the seventh season, Sutter's art of storytelling comes to the fore, with dramatic twists and turns that leave a lasting and shocking impression on the minds of fans.

"I can't worry about what the perception is going to be, I just have to tell the story. I know how I want it to end, and that's the way I'm going to end it, and however it lands in terms of the landscape of things, that's the way it will land," Sutter explained to Entertainment Weekly about the Sons of Anarchy finale.

"As long as I know I'm telling the story that I intended to tell, then I know that I've been organic in terms of the narrative and didn't compromise the vision, I can feel good about it going in. That's the perspective I think you have to have," he added.

In episode 2 Till and Toil the SAMCRO president told Jury about his plans for a slow and painful death to the person who killed Tara, though he was referring to the Chinese gang.

The biker gang president wanted to go after all the people his wife's murderer loves and then let him/her die "as slowly and painfully as possible".

Being a doting son, it will be very difficult to kill his own blood but in order to induce the deepest pain in his mother's heart he may kill himself and let Gemma die.

This theory contradicts Sutter's "happy ending" excerpts from the final scene he Instagrammed weeks back.

However, previously, Charlie Hunnam teased about a similar situation in the finale of FX's blockbuster biker series.

"Anyone else in the world, 100 percent guaranteed he's gonna murder them in slow and brutal fashion, but it's his mother, you know. It's gonna be complicated," the lead SOA star told Entertainment Weekly.

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