Star Wars Battlefront Death Star Cloud City
Cloud City, the original Death Star and Yavin IV from Star Wars. LucasFilm

A lot of Star Wars Battlefront's success is going to ride on its longevity with planned expansion packs and DLC. EA recently revealed that the game's season pass will include four additional heroes and villains, a lot of new weapons and items, and 16 new maps.

New locations have been promised and the Star Wars universe certainly isn't short on possibilities – from the original trilogy, the forthcoming trilogy and the prequel trilogy. We've taken a look at which locations are most likely to show up.

Bespin (Cloud City)

Arguably the most glaring planetary omission from Battlefront is the setting of the final act of The Empire Strikes Backs – Bespin. Lando Calrissian's Cloud City is ripe for adaptation and could quite easily be as visually stunning as Tatooine, the forest moon of Endor or anywhere else in the game.

It is the most obvious setting for DICE to visit in future DLC, but the developer might have to utilise some creative license to make it work with Walker Assault mode. As it would for this next suggestion...

The Death Star

Fans would jump at the chance to visit the iconic battle station. Players could fight in the large hangers around the central rim of the Death Star while fighters zoom around outside. It'd be perfectly suited to some of the smaller game modes available.

Yavin IV

No action took place on Yavin in A New Hope – it was the base of operations for the Rebellion as it prepared to take down the original Death Star. It is a visually strong location though with forests and those enormous temples shot on location in Guatemala.

It's the perfect location, if not the most headline-grabbing, but that may change if the rumours are true and the series returns there in the new film, The Force Awakens. Speaking of which...

Star Wars The Force Awakens
X-Wings and TIE Fighters duel over the surface of Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens. LucasFilm

Starkiller Base / That snowy planet in The Force Awakens

The belief among fans is that the snowy location seen in trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (above) is the surface of the Starkiller Base – a new super-weapon and next evolutionary step beyond the Death Star. It's planet-sized, capable of even bigger destruction and be seen on the film's poster.

The speculation is likely true, but regardless of that, The Force Awakens is sure to head to Battlefront at some point next year. It's an obvious money-making opportunity and what fans will want after the release of the new film. Whether or not that snowy battlefield is the Starkiller Base, it'd still make a good location. As would anywhere else we're set to visit in the film.


We don't want to give the prequel trilogy too much time here, but EA has said that the prequel trilogy will likely be visited in either this Battlefront through DLC or in one of its sequels. Were it to, there are numerous possible locations, so we've picked out just one – Kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk is the home planet of the wookies, and everyone's favourite wookie, Chewbacca. We see it in Revenge of the Sith when Yoda visits it during a particular battle of the Clone Wars. With its beaches and enormous trees, it could make for an excellent map.


The final planet from the original trilogy we haven't yet mentioned is Dagobah, the home of Yoda when Luke Skywalker finds him and where the young Jedi is trained in the ways of the force prior to his climatic battle with Vader in Empire.

Getting stuck in a swamp, entering the cave where Luke had his prophetic vision or visiting Yoda's tiny snake-filled home would be great, as would seeing Yoda levitate an X-Wing mid-match.

Star Wars Battlefront is available to order for PS4, Xbox One and PC and will be released tomorrow (19 November).

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