Star Wars Battlefront servers will be shut down for an hour on 22 March for the launch of the Outer Rim DLC, game developer EA Dice has announced. The PC version of the game will be the first to be hit by the downtime, followed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Outer Rim is the first paid downloadable content released for the game since its November launch – and the first significant one since the release of Battle of Jakku DLC in December. It includes two new maps – set in Jabba the Hutt's palace in Tatooine and an industrial zone in Sullust – along with new weapons, Star Cards, an Extraction mode and two new playable heroes: Greedo and Nien Numb.

Owners of the £39.99 ($57) season pass will be able to download the Outer Rim DLC on 22 March. EA has not divulged when it will go on sale for those who do not have the season pass.

Scheduled downtime

Outer Rim General Patch:

Companion App: 8am GMT
PC: 8am GMT
PlayStation 4: 10am GMT
Xbox One: 12pm GMT

DLC for season pass owners:
PC: 1pm GMT
PlayStation 4 SCEA & SCEE: 2pm GMT
Xbox One: 3pm GMT