Samsung Galaxy X 3D concept render
Could the Samsung Galaxy X come in the form of a transforming 4K tablet? Tech Configurations/ YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy X continues to be a subject of great mystery in the smartphone world, leaving everyone wondering when we'll get our first look at Samsung's coveted foldable phone. The company has itself suggested that a flexible mobile device is on the agenda, yet exactly when we'll see it and in what form is still up for debate.

While some leaked images have depicted a handset that bends horizontally through the middle, sort of like a modern-day flip-phone, more elaborate depictions suggest the Samsung Galaxy X will take on the form of a hybrid tablet that can be folded into a smartphone.

3D designers at Tech Configurations have put together a 3D render of the Samsung Galaxy X based on leaked info and internet chatter. The impressive concept, which was posted to YouTube, depicts a handset with a 5in QHD AMOLED display that transforms into a 7in tablet boasting a 4K edge-to-edge display when folded out.

Tech Configurations gives the Samsung Galaxy X a waist size of 7.5mm while folded, making it slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and ensuring the handset fits snugly into the pocket. Naturally this is halved to just 3.25mm when folded out, making for a super-slim, if potentially fragile, Samsung tablet.

It's certainly a wide departure from the conventional "slab" smartphone design that users have become so accustomed to, but from a functionality perspective it actually makes a lot of sense. The idea is that you could buy a single device that could adapt according to your needs, and Microsoft, LG and Nokia are all toying with the idea of devices that can simultaneously act as a smartphone, tablet and PC.

The 3D render gives the Samsung Galaxy X impressive internal chops, including Qualcomm's as-yet unannounced Snapdragon 835 chipset, 128GB internal storage and up to 8GM RAM. The imagined device is also compatible with the rumoured Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) coming to the Galaxy S8 – which allows the handset to be used as a PC – and would make perfect sense for a device such as this.

Additional features include IP68-certified waterproofing and an integrated fingerprint scanner under the display.

While the design is based purely on speculation, it is at least a fairly believable imagining of how such a device from Samsung might be presented. We only hope the commercial model of the Samsung Galaxy X looks as good as this when it finally does hit shelves.