Super Mario Run will finally be leaping into Android devices this March, Nintendo has announced. Nintendo in Japan and Nintendo of America confirmed the release month, but Nintendo of Europe are yet to.

The news comes a little over a month after the game launched for iOS devices on 15 December 2016.

In September, Nintendo legend and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto debuted Mario's first mobile game at Apple's iPhone 7 reveal event. The game allows players to guide Mario through a variety of levels, tapping on their smartphone or tablet's touchscreen to make him jump.

It features three modes: World Tour, Toad Rally and the Kingdom Builder game mode.

Described as a "free to start" game, players are able to download the game for free and make their way through three levels for free before they have to shell out £9.99 to unlock the rest of the game.

Although the game racked up a record 40 million downloads in just four days after its release, just 3 million users have purchased the complete game, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month citing numbers provided by market research firm Newzoo.

IBTimes UK's preview of the side-scrolling platformer described it as a "promising, robust and unique Nintendo platformer for mobile."

Super Mario Run was developed by Nintendo in partnership with mobile developers DeNA. Last night, during a special Direct presentation, DeNA's next mobile game - Fire Emblem Heroes - was announced for an imminent 2 February release.

Nintendo's mobile endeavours benefited hugely from the release of Pokémon Go last summer, which sparked a global phenomenon and renewed interest in Nintendo despite the company not developing the title and only having a loose association.

Android users can "pre-register" to be notified when the popular game will be released through the Google Play Store.