Super Mario Run iOS
Promotional artwork for Super Mario Run. Nintendo

After years of people asking "why doesn't Nintendo bring Mario to smartphones?", the Japanese publisher has finally answered by bringing its iconic mascot to iPhone and iPad with Super Mario Run.

The side-scrolling endless runner app became an instant smash on the iOS App Store, topping the charts in the US after its release on 15 December, with players around the world tapping their way to flagpoles in the first ever mobile phone version of the Mushroom Kingdom.

While the Goomba-stomping, Mushroom-collecting plumber takes centre stage, Super Mario has also brought a few of his friends along with him for the endless ride – such as his lanky brother Luigi and trusty dino-pal Yoshi.

Some members of the Mushroom Kingdom's mobile entourage are painfully easy to unlock, but others require players to make progress in the Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder modes. Below is a list of all the characters hidden in Super Mario Run, with tips on how to quickly earn crucial Toad Rally Tickets underneath.

Super Mario Run: How to unlock every hidden character


The pint-sized mushroom man is the easiest character to unlock by far. Simply link your Super Mario Run profile to your My Nintendo account (which you can create here). Toad is also the only additional character that can be unlocked without purchasing the full game for £9.99.

Princess Peach

Peach is unlocked by completing all 24 levels in Super Mario Run's World Tour mode. Another easy one.


Things get trickier with Yoshi, as you'll need to recruit Toads from the Toad Rally game and build his home in the Kingdom Builder mode. A total of 30 red and 30 yellow Toads are required for Yoshi.


Mario's high-jumping brother requires 150 purple and 150 green Toads from Toad Rally before you can build his home in Kingdom Builder.


Last but not least, the adorable Toadette requires a whopping 200 red Toads, 200 blue Toads, 200 green Toads, 200 purple Toads and 200 yellow Toads from Toad Rally. Oof.

Super Mario Run: How to earn easy Toad Rally Tickets and impress Toads

As you may have noticed already, unlocking Yoshi, Luigi and Toadette is no easy task. This is made doubly tricky by the Rally Tickets required to participate in Toad Rally races.

Actually impressing the Toads enough for them to join you in your own version of the Mushroom Kingdom is another matter entirely.

Beating your opponent in the race will earn a fair amount of goodwill, but performing tricky jumps, accessing hidden areas and collecting lots of coins is also necessary to get as many as you'll need to unlock every character. Keep an eye out for coin patterns that direct you to new areas and keep practicing your wall jumps and learn the level designs with each new rally.

As for the Rally Tickets, you'll be rewarded with 20 for paying the full price as a thank you – but here are a few ways to obtain more once you've exhausted your initial supply:

Beat Boss Trials

At the end of each of the six Worlds in World Tour mode you will face off against a Koopaling and the series' persistent big baddie, Bowser. Beating each rewards you with 10 Rally Tickets, with 60 available in total.

Collect all the Pink Challenge Coins

Mario veterans will be no stranger to challenge coins. Collecting all of the tough-to-reach Pink coins in a World Tour level will reward you with a measly two Rally Tickets, but does add up to a decent grand total of 48 if you clear out every level in this way.

Win Toad Rally games

While you'll be coughing up one Rally Ticket for admission, actually winning a Toad Rally race gives you a few back in return. Of course, you'll have to beat your race opponent – otherwise you'll be out of pocket.

Play Kingdom Builder mini-games

Each new building in Kingdom Builder unlocks a mini-game where you can earn Rally Tickets. The catch is that these mini-games are only playable once every eight hours. They are also based entirely on chance, so you might end up empty handed, but it's always worth a quick go when the timer resets.

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