Fans will surely be surprised in the Supernatural season 10 finale, as reports suggest that there is an unexpected solution for curing Dean's Mark of Cain.

Jensen Ackles who plays Dean spoke about the season 10 finale and teased if Sam will save his brother again.

He told People: "Everybody's expecting Sam to save the day, but I would say that, in true Supernatural fashion, we give them what they want in a way that they're not going to expect it."

"Will Dean be saved? Probably. I would imagine. Or, at least, somewhere down the line he'll be saved. But it won't be in the way that people are expecting it to be," he teased.

The actor has also hinted at tense situations ahead, as his character may refuse help from others.

Ackles said, "As the season starts to wind down at the end, you'll see that split in the road where Dean goes down his own path and refuses the help of other people, but you see that they're not willing to allow him to do so."

"They start helping him behind his back and it becomes a very tense situation. When it all comes to a head, it's a pretty scary thing," he added.

Previously the actor also dished that the finale would be an internal battle.

Ackles told Variety, "This is a battle that is internal, and it's not something that they can lock and load their shotguns and go after together. Unfortunately, Sam can't find a cure, and of course, the loyal brother that Sam is will die trying, and Dean knows this.

"It really is this inner struggle where Dean can't seem to get a grasp on the evil power that's inside him, and Sam can't seem to let go of trying to save his brother... But it's a heavy internal struggle that finally comes to a head at the end of the season," he said.

So does this literally mean that Sam would die trying to find a cure for his brother?

As previously reported, leaked photos from the sets of the show have confirm the return of Julian Richings as Death in The Brother' Keeper.

It may well be possible that Sam dies, and Dean makes a bargain with Death, for his brother's life.

To know how Supernatural season 10 culminates, watch the finale episode titled The Brothers Keeper that will air on 20 May on The CW.