Purchased an AT&T Google Nexus 6 in US: New Motorola Firmware Bug Leads to Smartphone Recall and Replacements
AT&T Nexus 6 smartphones begin shipments, check your pre-order status now Google

If you have ordered the high-end Google Nexus 6 smartphone, and are fretting to have not received it as yet, then there is good news in store.

According to a PhoneArena report, your Nexus 6 shipment pre-ordered from AT&T should reach you soon, as the report quotes trusted sources who have confirmed to have received Nexus 6 smartphones, shipped out by AT&T.

If you are waiting to receive your device from AT&T, do check your carrier's logo on the back panel of the gadget.

Apparently, AT&T has started shipping Motorola Nexus 6 pre-orders from 18 November and you should receive yours either by the end of the week, or early next week.

T-Mobile opens orders for Nexus 6

If you haven't bought Google's high-end Nexus 6 smartphone, then check out T-Mobile which has thrown open Nexus 6 sales.

Nexus 6 will be open for purchase, both from T-Mobile's online as well as brick-and-mortar retail stores within the United States.

Full retail price of the Nexus 6 is $650 (£416), and you can own the smartphone on a monthly instalment of $27.08 (£17)/month for 24 months.

Sprint accepting Nexus 6 orders

Sprint is offering Google's Nexus for $0 down and $29 (£20)/month for 24 months.

Full retail price of Nexus 6 at Sprint is $696 (£456), more expensive than T-Mobile.

In summary, if you have booked your Nexus 6, then navigate straight to your respective carrier's web portal, and check out the shipping status.