An ISAF army truck with a solider holding a gun on patrol around Kabul. Getty Images

At least sixteen people, including four Nato soldiers, have been killed by a suicide bomber in Eastern Afghanistan.

The incident took place in Parwan province, where at least ten civilians and two policemen were killed.

The Taliban confirmed to Reuters they carried out the attack.

Nato-led mission in Afghanistan ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) confirmed that four soldiers were killed in the incident.

The latest attack comes amid increasing violence following the preliminary results of presidential election in the country last month.

Losing candidate Abdullah Abdullah rejected preliminary results, which he branded as "invalid" and a "coup against people's votes". His rival, Ashraf Ghani, who is supported by Pashtun tribes in the south, is likely to have won the election's second round run-off by more than 1.3 million votes.

Abdullah's supporters, mainly the Tajik minority in Northern Afghanistan, said they will create a parallel government if Ghani wins.