Marriage problems
Lisa Kerr proposed to her 60-year-old boyfriend at the Scottish International Airshow Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Some say age doesn't really matter when you have found true love. But this couple's love story is one-of-a-kind. Teenager Lisa Miller has fallen head over heels in love with her 60-year-old boyfriend, Jim Kerr, a former caretaker at her school, and asked him to marry her live on radio.

The pair were being interviewed at the Scottish International Airshow in Ayr in September when she popped the question to her beloved in front of thousands of spectators.

She said: "Jim, we've been going out for just under a year and I love you so much. I wouldn't swap you for the world and, marry me?"

It all began when she asked him for a cigarette light one evening outside youth club near Woodfarm High, East Refrewshire, where Kerr worked as a caretaker – though they swear they never knew each while she was at school – and the pair hit it off straight away.

One lift home led to another, and the rest is history. They've been together as a couple since March, after he left his wife of 36 years for her.

Eighteen-year-old Millerhas since told The Sun she lost her virginity to him after treating him to a Happy Meal during their first date.

"Our first proper date was at McDonald's at the Phoenix Retail Park in Paisley in April. I bought him a Happy Meal, then got him a cake and a few balloons too. I couldn't afford much but tried to make it as special as I could," she said.

Their union has caused uproars on social media in the past, particularly from Kerr's 32-year-old daughter Alison, who is not in touch with her father any more.

According to The Sun she said: "It's my dad and I'm 32, so imagine how me and my family feel seeing that."

A spokesman from BAM Construct UK, the contractors who employed Kerr said he was suspended when they discovered the relationship in March.

"At the time we became aware of this, the girl was over the age of consent so legally they hadn't done anything wrong, but professionally we did what we had to do. The investigation has now concluded," he said.

Kerr no longer works at Woodfarm High, both insisting their relationship started after Miller had left the school.