Just 10 days after its much publicised launch, the iPhone X honeymoon phase appears to be over.

So far, three issues are starting to plague Apple's newest smartphone with the company speeding up software update solutions. All the malfunctions are covered by warranty so those experiencing problems should visit Apple sooner rather than later. Here are the most reported glitches:

Screen does not respond in the cold:

Earlier in November, users on Reddit reported that their iPhone screens was not responding to input when exposed to cold temperatures. Whenever someone went from a warm environment to a cold location quickly (inside to outside), the screen would be unresponsive for at least several seconds.

Apple has acknowledged the issue and said it was working on a software update. "We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again," Apple told The Loop. "This will be addressed in an upcoming software update."

One UK resident noticed a three-second delay when heading into the cold on Thursday (9 November). "UK here. I have noticed this as well and it's hardly below freezing, just quite cold outside compared to the warm inside. I was hoping it was just Spotify glitching but it looks like a much more widespread issue.." the post by nicebill8 read.

Green line of death:

As reported by MacRumors, some users are noticing the appearance of a mysterious green line on their screens. Even after resetting and reinstalling the software, the line has persisted. Apple has not yet confirmed an issue, however owners are reporting their phones are being replaced at Apple stores for free.

Speakers crackling at maximum volume:

In the final glitch, whenever owners max out the volume on their speakers, the top earpiece begins to crackle. A MacRumors report observed that any sound that comes out of the top speaker can crackle including from music, phone calls and alarms.

iPhone 8 had a similar issue in the earpiece when it was launched and Apple has since fixed it with a software update.

Apple has not yet commented on the speaker claims.

What should you do?

Your best bet is to head into an Apple Store and book an appointment with a genius. Book ahead to save yourself from queuing and get the experts to deal with the problem. Because these issues are manufacturing defects, you should be eligible for a free replacement.

Option two is the waiting game. If the problems become widespread, Apple will address them and probably roll out a software patch. No guarantees on the speaker though, that could be a hardware problem which would require a replacement.