Oppo Fast Charger Announcement at MWC16
The Super VOOC Flash Charge takes the stage at MWC 2016 Oppo

A new charger has been unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC) that could signal the death knell of the dreaded low battery notification sound.

Oppo, a Dongguan-based smartphone manufacturer, claims that the Super VOOC Flash Charge is capable of fully recharging a 2,500mAh battery in just 15 minutes. Alternatively, for those with even less time to spare, just five minutes of charging will give users a reported 10-hour talk time.

These impressive statistics are achieved using what Oppo calls a low-voltage (5v) pulse-charge algorithm that dynamically regulates the current to ensure safe, low-temperature charging at rapid speed. An Engadget report even claims that Oppo demonstrated its uber-fast charger successfully restoring a smartphone to 100% power in under 10 minutes.

The vice president of Oppo, Sky Li, said of his company's new product: "We are excited to share these breakthrough technologies with the world at MWC 2016 — they're the result of our commitment to listening to consumers and valuing their feedback to create more delightful user experiences for them in the future."

Will it work with my phone?

Currently the "super" charger, an advancement of Oppo's original VOOC Flash Charge accessory released in 2014, supports standard micro USB and USB Type-C cables so users can make use of their existing cables. That does signal bad news for owners of Apple's iPhone, however, as so far there has been no mention of lightning cable support for Oppo's new charging tech.

Oppo has yet to announce when and where the Super VOOC Flash Charge will be available at the time of writing (24 February).