Stephen Colbert
The Late Show host Stephen Colbert introduces the Trump version of Hi Stranger Youtube screen grab/The Late Show

The Hi Stranger video, which took over the internet recently, has received mixed reviews. Some people hate the naked character leisurely showing off his bum, while others actually find the stop-gap animation relaxing.

For those who thought the video was creepy, The Late Show's own Trump version of the animation manages to hike up the chills to another level.

In the original, which was created by LA-based animator Kirsten Lepore, the round-bottomed figure maintains eye contact while greeting the viewer. "Hi, stranger," the figure says calmly. "It's been a while. I've missed you." It goes on to encourage the viewer to look at its derriere.

"Some people have said this is the most disturbing cartoon they've ever seen," Late Show host Stephen Colbert said on the 31 March episode. "Well, we here at The Late Show took that as a challenge."

Not surprisingly, the show's version featured Colbert's favourite political figure, US President Donald Trump. The new video shows a hairy Trump sporting nothing but a pair of red briefs with Make America Great Again printed across, and a lower-back tattoo of Putin.

"Do you like this health care bill I made?" animated Trump asks in the video. "Cool, right? I thought it was cool... stupid freedom caucus!"

Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert clip below: