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Time to get looting Ubisoft

The inevitable has happened. The Division players have found an exploit that, with a little bit of patience, is a gateway to an endless supply of vital resources required to craft Specialized and High-End weapons and armour.

This one is hardly game-breaking like the many Fallout 4 exploits or even Destiny's fabled 'loot cave', but if you are keen to boost your supplies in Ubisoft's online, open-world shooter then you might want to get in quick as you can bet that a patch is already prepared to shutter the glitch.

Ready to master the dilapidated streets of Manhattan? Then here's how you perform the exploit:

  1. Decide which materials you want to farm and find a suitable source, whether it is weapon parts, fabric, electronics or tools. (Note: if it happens to be tools one good area for farming is the car park near to the Base of Operations where there are two toolboxes)
  2. Collect them, but do not leave the area.
  3. Go to the matchmaking menu and join a random free-roam game.
  4. Go back to the source of materials and re-loot the same materials again.
  5. Repeat!

While this is not exactly the best exploit ever found in loot-heavy video game, at this early stage it is the best way of getting ahead of the competition in The Division that has been found.

IBTimes UK will be keeping an eye out for any exploits. In the meantime why not discover the hilarity the internet had with day one discoveries in The Division, which has sold more copies in 24 hours than any other Ubisoft game.

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