Tiffany-Rose Davies
Beauty queen hopeful Tiffany-Rose Davies Facebook

A Birmingham-based beauty queen is hoping to marry the multi-millionaire who has spent tens of thousands of pounds helping her transition from male to female, the Birmingham Mail has reported.

Tiffany-Rose Davies, 23, met her Dubai-based lover, who she would only reveal is called Yaser, through Facebook two years ago.

"It's true love. He is my ideal man – tall, dark, handsome and extremely charming," she told the newspaper.

"He got in touch with me on Facebook and has been over to see me eight times over the last two years. He has spent thousands of pounds on me and wants to marry me next year.

"It's a huge decision to marry him and go over there to live but I will do it. I haven't given him a definite answer yet but in my heart I know he is the one for me."

At first the 28-year-old property developer was unaware that Tiffany-Rose was born a man.

"He was very upset at first," she said. "We did have our problems for a while.

"But he says he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. We have never had sex – I am making him wait to prove he loves me.

"He loves me for who I am but knows I want to make the full transition and has been funding my cosmetic treatment.

"He has a lot of property and money from inheritance and told me he is worth £40m ($64m).

"It is a big decision to go and move away from my family and live abroad but I am in love and he wants me to be his princess.

"I am on the waiting list for a full [transition] on the NHS but he wants me to go private and is offering to pay the £20,000 cost of the operation.

"But I want other cosmetic surgery including a boob job and work on my lips and nose, so altogether it will be around £50,000."

The couple have not set a date for the wedding yet, though Davies told the Birmingham Mail that they have tentatively talked about marrying next year, and adopting children soon afterwards.

Davies has entered into September's Miss Transgender England competition and will compete for the £5,000 prize in the Birmingham heats on 22 August.