Tanker Base Command at Incirlik Air Base of Adana perform aerial refueling at 24,000 feet high altitude with a cruise speed of 950km/h on January 5, 2014. Getty Images

Turkey has denied US claims made early on Monday alleging that it has allowed use of an air base to attack Isis (Islamic State) militants in Iraq and Syria.

Despite continuing talks and Turkish lawmakers recently passing a motion enabling foreign forces to use its bases, Turkey's Prime Minister says no deal has been reached allowing the US to use the Incirlik air base.

Turkey has been under mounting pressure to help the US-led coalition against Isis after the militant group acquired the strategic Syrian town of Kobani close to the Turkish border.

The country is facing increasing criticism, as Ankara has been reluctant to get too aggressively involved in the war against Isis.

Turkish tank crews could be been seen lying idle across the border while Kobani was besieged.

So far, the country has agreed to lend its soil to 'moderate' Syrian rebels to be trained, said the US National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who welcomed the new agreement and announced the latest update.

"That's the new commitment, and one that we very much welcome," Rce noted.

Yet, no official confirmation has been received by the Turkish authorities on this either.

US and Saudi fighter jets conducted eight air strikes over Sunday and Monday with seven of the strikes targeting Isis militants near Kobani, said the US Central Command.