The death toll in North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew has risen, with two bodies found in a flooded car, as the state's governor Pat McCrory warned there would be "difficult days ahead".

As flood waters receded, rescuers found the bodies inside a vehicle that had been submerged - bringing the number of people killed in the wake of the twister to 26.

The hurricane is estimated to have caused more than $9 million in damage to the state, with damages caused to roads and infrastructure, and at least 12,000 power outages and 2,332 rescues conducted.

It is believed governor McCrory is set to release an action plan for dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

There are still many, many difficult days ahead for North Carolina," McCrory told NY Daily News.

North Carolina is suffering in the aftermath of a storm that brought more than a foot of rainfall and caused massive floods in the state and across the southeast US coast - with flooding from the storm estimated to have killed at least 43 people in the US.

But while North Carolina makes plans to rebuild, Haiti, which suffered a devastating blow from Hurricane Matthew, remains in crisis.

Charities estimate the country could take at least 18 months to recover from the storm, which left more than 1,000 people dead and hundreds injured - with fears diseases such as cholera, which is at risk of exploding in the country - will put more people at risk.

In one coastal village that had been cut off from help, at least 300 injured people were left without treatment or clean water, while across the country gravediggers buried the dead in mass graves.