Rayman Adventures
A screenshot from Rayman Adventures Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that the next game in its Rayman platforming series will be a follow-up to Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run.

Rayman Adventures will be developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, which has produced some of Ubisoft's finest games – from Beyond Good & Evil to ZombiU, Valiant Hearts and Rayman Origins and Legends, the two widely-celebrated 2D platformers which reinvigorated the series on consoles.

Jungle Run and Fiesta Run were born out of the success of those games, and were successful in their own right (personally Jungle Run is among the best mobile games I've ever played). They were auto-runners however, but Rayman Adventures will not be, instead offering a free range of movement.

The stunning art style that was so crucial to the success of prior Rayman games will be back for Adventures.

"Rayman Adventures bring players on an odyssey where they will explore legendary worlds, from whimsical castles to the mythical islands of Olympus," reads a press release. "They will enjoy an exciting mix of action and exploration in which they will be able to freely move around as they like through stunning environments.

"Powered by UbiArt Framework, Rayman Adventures represents a major step in bringing players an HD console-quality experience on mobile, displaying a variety of impressive graphical details on a retina screen at 60 FPS."

A trailer was also released, which you can watch below.

The game is set for "mobile and tablet devices" later this summer.

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