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Kasi Bennett is enjoying a romantic break with boyfriend Usain Bolt in Thailand this week, and has wowed followers with her latest exotic Instagram shot.

The 26-year-old fashionista posted a sunny snap of herself in the ocean with two baby elephants, fearlessly giving one a kiss on the trunk.

Bennett, who has been dating Olympian legend Bolt for approximately two years, appears to be in her element in the adorable shot.

Wearing a plunging green swimsuit that highlights her assets, Bennett wore her hair in braids for the romantic trip away.

Her 239,000 followers went wild over the holiday shot, with many taking to the comments section to express excitement over the elephants.

One person wrote: "Oh wow what an incredible moment", while another put: "What a lucky elephant @kasi.b"

A third added: "I smell a proposal coming "

Someone else said: "Sure does look beautiful. Kasi is surely living the life. "

A few days before, Bennett shared a gorgeous snap of herself with Bolt, 31, in a red gown with ruffle detailing.

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Bennett's social media following rapidly increased since the news broke about Bolt's night of passion with Rio local Jady Duarte last year.

She later compared her boyfriend's cheating ways to "shopping at Primark". She hit back by liking a picture on Instagram that said: "When your girl is Selfridges, and you cheat on her with Primark."

Bennett also liked a tweet directed at Bolt which read: "You traded your life with a goddess for a one night fling with someone who will never even come close."

She was a huge supporter of Bolt during the 2016 Olympic Summer Games – where he won the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4x100 metres, calling him a "living legend" on Twitter.

She tweeted: "My babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy!!! WHA DEM A GUH DO YAH NOW? #LivingLegend #Olympics #Rio2016".