Half Life 3

E3, one of the world's most important events for gaming is here. Even though Valve has been rather tight-lipped about Half Life 3, gamers are now wondering whether the company will surprise us all by announcing the game during these three days.

Our opinion on the issue is that they won't. Why? Because even though franchises like Half Life played a vital role in making Valve the company it is today, Gabe Newell and Co have other plans. Instead of simply putting its energy into making great games (which it hasn't stopped doing), Valve has recently been more focused on supporting and growing PC gaming.

One example of this could be their powerful and popular Steam platform, which is slowly starting to account for a large chunk of digital video game sales thanks to its constant high-value deals and discounts.

Another example could be Valve's initiative to come out with Steam machines, the Steam OS and the wonderful Steam controllers, all of which will be the company's main focus at E3.

In the recent past, there have been certain "confirmations" from industry insiders about the development of Half Life 3, but the company has refrained from commenting on them.

The most recent talk about it was when Counter Strike creator, Minh Le, during a Twitch interview, said that he had seen Half-Life 3 content. Minh is an ex-employee at Valve and is known for his work on the Counter Strike franchise. However, he has since left to work on his own projects. Read more about that here.