Pokemon Go
The man has to be held down by police in Brazil as he continuously screams the word Pokemon YouTube

A video, uploaded onto YouTube in Brazil, has shown the bizarre moment a man playing the immersive mobile game Pokemon Go has a psychotic break and starts shreiking in a Rio bank.

People who have viewed the video online have commented that the man appears to be possessed by some kind of Pokemon demon as he screams the word "Pokemon" over and over again.

To start, his voice is lower and more rhythmic but as he is pinned to the ground by police his voice becomes higher pitched and more manic.

According to the local Brazilian news website Capital.pe, the man was arrested following his strange outburst and was taken to a police station in Natal.

The 50-second video, shot by an eyewitness blogger and uploaded onto YouTube, has since been watched 144,468 times.

The man, who has not been identified, told police that he was waiting in line at the bank when he suddenly had "strange thoughts and lost control". He has subsequently been released on bail.

He has subsequently been released on bail.

The Daily Mirror reported that in August one woman had similiar nervous breakdown which prompted her husband to call an exorcist as he claimed she had made a pact with the devil.

She was filmed rolling around on the floor while she was apparently tormented by evil spirits.

The priest who was called to the family home was unable to rid her of the purported spirits. Despite the priest performing spiritual healing on her and reciting prayers she has been possessed by the unknown force for another three months, according to reports.