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The Walking Dead\'s Carol makes a drastic decision in season six\'s episode 14 AMC

The Walking Dead survivors thought they had seen the last of Negan's Saviors when they rescued Maggie and Carol in The Same Boat but the violent group came back with a vengeance in season six's episode 14. The result was the death of a particularly beloved character but with Negan's presence still elusive, it will unlikely be the last victim of their new threat.

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The Walking Dead season 6 episode 14

After the dramatic events of episode 13, which saw Carol and Maggie desperately fight to escape the Saviors who held them captive, all appears to be relatively calm back at Alexandria despite the downtrodden mood of some of its residents. Morgan is preparing for all eventualities by building a new jail cell while Carol and Tobin are basking in their new romance.

Rosita, heartbroken after being dumped by Abraham, has wound up in bed with Spencer but it is by far a sweet love story. She soon has a proposition from Denise to embark on a supply run for drugs at a nearby apothecary, which will help take her mind off Abraham for a while. Rosita and Daryl are initially weary of putting their lives at risk to protect Denise on their excursion given that the amateur doctor is still nervous with the outside world and weapons, but they agree to go anyway.

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After all this time and everything that\'s happened to the survivors along the way, it is flabbergasting that they still go against their instincts and put their lives in danger even when they know best. Rick had a point earlier in the season when he encouraged the notion of survival of the fittest when discussing the weaker Alexandrians to Glenn and Michonne.

The trio, Daryl, Rosita and Denise, arrive at the apothecary where they decide to take pretty much all the medication they find. While her bodyguards get to work, Denise gets distracted and ventures off into a small room where she finds a lone walker laying helplessly on the floor. However, she gets freaked out when she realises it must have attacked a young child and flees the apothecary gasping for air.

With their new supplies in tow, Daryl, Rosita and Denise set off on the road again but they run into trouble when they decide to take the short cut. Remember when Daryl lost his crossbow after being tricked by a couple of strangers who turned out to be Saviors earlier in the season? Well, that\'s who surprises the Alexandrians on the road unleashing devastation.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead\'s Denise met her fate in season six\'s episode 14 AMC

Just when Denise is playing Good Samaritan and giving a speech to Daryl and Rosita about how they give her hope to be stronger, an arrow flies swiftly through Denise\'s right eye in front of her stunned friends. Dwight, who stole Daryl\'s crossbow, was the shooter and he has managed to take Eugene captive. Eugene and Abraham were on a separate mission as the fake scientist discovered a place where they can make their own bullets.

There\'s tension between the two as Abraham keeps undermining Eugene\'s ability to use his smart and defend the group so the mullet-advocate slopes off on his own. Back on the tracks, Dwight says he wants entry to Alexandria so the Saviors can take their supplies and kill whoever they want. Fortunately, Eugene is able to distract their rivals allowing Abraham to let off fire and, although a couple of the Saviors are hurt, Dwight and the rest are able to escape. Eugene gets a slight bullet-wound but the others get him back to Alexandria in one piece and he\'s well enough to accept an apology from Abraham.

Denise dying was unexpected and somewhat sad but not nearly as Carol writing a letter to Tobin explaining that she has decided to leave the group. Her reasoning? While being held captive by the Saviors, the mother hen realised that she can\'t give her love to anyone as she can no longer bring herself to kill non-walkers any more.

Over the seasons, Carol has come a long way from being a victim of domestic abuse to a strong leader who could single-handedly protect the group. But it feels as though she has almost come full circle and leaves Alexandria a broken woman. Will she come to her senses and return to Alexandria?

The Walking Dead returns on 28 March at 9pm on Fox UK.