Walking Dead season 7
Daryl remain Negan's prisoner in The Walking Dead season 7 AMC

The Walking Dead season 7, with just three episodes aired so far, is hyped as one of the most interesting seasons of the AMC zombie thriller. Episode one focussed on Negan ripping apart Rick Grimes's confidence as a leader by killing two of his beloved man and kidnapping one. The second episode focused on the thriving Kingdom ruled by King Ezekiel, who has developed a liking for Carol.

The third episode focussed on the friction between Negan and Daryl as the Savior leader tried to use the same tactics (breaking his prey's soul into pieces in order to make him his puppet) on the crossbow-wielding warrior.

He tortured him by jailing him naked in a dark cell and feeding dog food and asked him one question repeatedly – "Who are you". The tyrannous leader wanted him to answer "Negan" but all his torturous effort turned futile when Rick's right hand man ended up answering "Daryl".

The moment was iconic, considering the fact that Negan has already shattered Rich Grimes' soul and for him Daryl was an easy target. But the crossbow warrior showed immense courage as he refused to bow down and challenged the sadist leader in his own den.

Norman Reedus, who plays the fan-favorite character, told CNN that it's Daryl's way of warning Negan that "You can't have me.' It's his way of dealing with the guilt that he caused Glenn's gruesome death. The actor has also revealed the reason behind his character's inaction against the Negan. "He's so guilt-ridden by what happened in that first episode, he's lost the will to fight," he added.

The upcoming episodes will explore Negan and Daryl's relationship and whether Dwight will help the Alexandrian to escape from the Savior jail.