Castle season 8 returns this Monday with yet another episode that will have Kate and Rick working together — this time investigating the repeated death encounters of Alan, a mild-mannered safety instructor of the city. The episode titled Dead Again stars Jonathan Silverman in a special appearance as Alan who is poisoned twice and is yet alive.

Season 8 of ABC's comedy-drama is gradually building up towards the cliffhanger season finale where Stana Katic's character Kate Beckett will be cut off from the show by the end of the season. Episode 19 is slated to air on 25 April at 10pm EST on ABC. The official synopsis of the Dead Again episode is as follows:

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Castle's latest episode follows a similar humorous path that the showrunners have spun for the plot until now. When a safety inspector survives poisoning attempts twice, he gets the novelist-detective duo interested in his case. Interestingly, both Rick and Kate have contradicting opinions on the whole situation. For Rick aka Richard Castle — the pioneer of strange theories, Alan, who has survived death twice, is the perfect subject to explore the exciting question of "What happens when we die?"

Rick is so invested in his propositions that he even begins to brainstorm superhero names for the good-natured Alan, because he believes that Alan is blessed with some sort of super-power that prevents him from death. "Captain Cool", "Safety Man" and even Spidey powers are suggested as a part of Rick's exaggeration of the Alan-situation.

In a sneak peek of Monday's episode of Castle, NYPD detective Kate is seen questioning the victim of poisoning if he has any enemy. Alan spontaneously replies, "No, I am an average guy, I go to work, come home," only to later remember about a voice message sent by his colleague Dave Bartan threatening to kill him. "He seemed a little miffed when I let him go," adds Alan.

Watch the sneak peek video here:

Will Rick-Kate be able to solve this death and resurrection mystery? How will the show-creators plot Beckett's death and will Fillion return as Castle in the spin-off? To know more stay tuned to Castle season 8 episode 19 on ABC.