falling Skies
Noah Wyle stars as Tom Mason in Falling Skies TNT

Falling Skies returns with its final season tonight Sunday, 28 June at 10pm on TNT Drama.

The season 5 premiere episode is titled, Find Your Warrior, where Tom's life hangs in the balance.

Click here to watch the episode via live stream. You can also watch the episode online by clicking here.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

On the heels of Tom and Lexi's successful albeit tragic mission to destroy the Espheni power core on the moon, we pick up with Tom's life hanging in the balance as his Beamer drifts into space. While onboard the beamer, Tom encounters a surprising guest who urges him to find his inner warrior. Meanwhile, back on earth, Anne reluctantly steps into Tom's shoes to help lead the 2nd Mass in his absence. Against all odds, Tom makes a miraculous, yet mysterious return to earth. Once reunited with the 2nd Mass, Tom shares a new plan for winning the war. The Espheni, for the first time, are on their heels, and the 2nd Mass will not rest until they are gone from this planet for good.

Executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi and Noah Wyle who plays Tom Mason spoke about the show's finale season.

Osunsanmi told Yahoo, "Rage! Humanity has finally had enough," that's the core of Falling Skies season 5.

"I think if you've been along for the ride for four seasons, you want to see what's going to happen between Tom and Pope," Wyle said and added, "You want to see who's going to win out in the love triangle between Hal, Ben, and Maggie. Are we finally going to find out why the aliens came in the first place?"

The actor further guaranteed that there will be answers to all of those questions. "[I'm] proud that we didn't get cancelled before we got to satisfy our audience, tell them the entire story."

Wyle also teased that Tom's leadership skills will be tested in the upcoming season: "Now that humans have the tactical advantage for the first time, he's going to have to help people tap into their more aggressive, more base selves."

Over the course of the series, Tom has changed. "Instead of being the kind of quarterback who lifts his team to a victory, he's going to kick his team down the field to victory," the actor explained.