Ellen Page
Ellen Page in Gaycation season finale Youtube screen grab/Viceland

Gaycation has taken its hosts Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel across the world, from the island country of Japan to Brazil and then Jamaica. A each destination, they duo have interacted with people from the LGBTQ community and those involved in the various movements for and against people who were not heterosexual.

The Juno actress and filmmaker Daniel accompanied a young gay man in Japan – in episode 1 – when he decided to come out in open and reveal his sexuality to his mother, while in Brazil (episode two) they heard a policeman brag about killing gays.

In episode 3 of the docuseries, Page and Daniel ventured to Jamaica where they shed light on the dangerous conditions in which the country's homless LGBTQ survive, fending off attacks from homophobes and authorities.

In the season finale, the duo will go on a roadtrip across the US, meeting activists and politicians as they try to gauge the traction the LGBTQ movement has made in the country. In one part of the show, which was recorded in August 2015, Page approached presidential candidate Ted Cruz during the Iowa State Fair to talk about discrimination based on sexual orientation. It remains to be seen whether the show's edition of the exchange feature more than what the news cameras captured!

"Young people are moving past this, and this noise and this political rhetoric is gonna disappear. And if the politicians don't make it disappear, they're gonna disappear," the Inception actress says in the voice-over for the trailer. "It can feel daunting with what we've seen, but it does feel like love prevails."

Gaycation's season finale will air on 23 March 2016 at 10/9pm ET/CT on Viceland. The episode will also be available on the channel's official website and will require a cable login (only in the US). The same goes for episode three, but the first two shows are available for free viewing on the site.

Meanwhile, check out a promo of the show below: